Hyper Text Mark-up Language is a standard markup language which is used for creating web pages and web applications. The web browsers use HTML to interpret and compose text, images and other content to visual and audible web pages.HTML drives programs written in the scripting languages that affect the content of the web pages. The HTML specifications upgraded from HTML 2.0 to HTML 4.0

Course Content:

  • 01Introduction
  • 02 Tag/Elements and Attribute
  • 03Heading, Paragraph and Other Formatting Tag
  • 04Comments
  • 05Attribute
  • 06Meta
  • 07Image
  • 08Table
  • 09List
  • 10Block
  • 11iFrames
  • 12Form
  • 13All Input Types
  • 14Dropdown List
  • 15Textarea
  • 16Buttons
  • 17HTML Entities and Symbols

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