Cascade Style Sheets is a style sheet language that is used in the presentation and styling of a document that is written in any mark-up language like HTML. Using CSS, we can separately design the presentation and the content of a document including layout, colours, and fonts. Due to design separations, the content can be easily accessed.

Course Content:

  • 01 Introductions and Syntax
  • 02How to Apply (Internal, External and Inline)
  • 03CSS Selectors (Tagname, ID, Class, Grouping and Specific)
  • 04Backgrounds
  • 05Text
  • 06Font
  • 07Icons
  • 08List and Tables
  • 09Height/Width and Box Model
  • 10Margin and Padding
  • 11Position and Float
  • 12Opacity
  • 13Complete Menu/Navigation Bar
  • 14Complete Layout

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