Database (MySQL or MongoDB)

15 Days

My SQL is a popular open source database management system that is used with PHP. The client libraries and the My SQL server software itself use dual-licensing distribution. MongoDB is an open source document oriented database and a NoSQL database. It is developed by MongoDB Inc.

  • Introduction (phpMyAdmin)
  • Connection with PHP
  • Create and Drop Database
  • Create, Alter and Drop Table
  • All Select Queries
  • Update
  • Delete
  • Insert
  • MySQL Views
  • MySQL Functions
  • Installation
  • Introduction
  • Database, Collection
  • .insert(), .find(), .update(), .remvoe()
  • Methods
  • Collections
  • Cursor
  • Functions
  • Aggregation
  • Interview preparation materials
  • Interview preparation and training
  • Demo Interview session in Stepping Stone