Hypertext Pre-processor server-side scripting language used in web development. The PHP code can be used along with HTML codes and also it can be used in combination with various web systems, content management systems and framework systems.

Course Content:

  • 01 Environment Setup and Syntax Overview
  • 02Variables and Datatypes
  • 03Constants, Echo/Print
  • 04Operators
  • 05Array
  • 06String
  • 07Conditional Statements (if, if.....else, if....elseif....elseif....else,
  • 08for Loop
  • 09while, do...while Loop
  • 10foreach
  • 11User Defined Functions
  • 12Pre-Defined Functions
  • 13Date and Time Functions
  • 14File Handling
  • 15Error Handling
  • 16Server Variables
  • 17Web Concept
  • 18Session
  • 19Cookie
  • 20$_GET and $_POST
  • 21Working with Database (MySQL)
  • 22Login Authentication
  • 23File Upload
  • 24Implementing all in Project

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